3 Essential Chino Colors & How To Style Them!

In Today’s video, we’re going to go over three essential Chino colors and how to style them! 

Color #1: Khaki

So, fellas, the first essential chino color is going to be beige or khaki.

These are colors that are historically known to work well with a lot of different things & a lot of guys love them. But for me, these are probably my least wearable on the list.

I just don’t have a lot of stuff that I like to wear with this color but for most guys, it is going to look good on them.

In this outfit basically, all I did was take the khaki-colored pants, I pair them with a blue stripe American Eagle casual button-down and a pair of white leather lace-up shoes. Wearing this color with a button-down is going to be super simple it’s something that every guy can do because matching these pants with stuff is going to be pretty easy. 

Essential Chino color number 2 is going to be Navy. 

All the colors that I’m talking about in this video or special but to me, this one is the easiest for me personally to make outfits with. 

For example, this is a color that I think you can dress up and dress down along with all the other colors on this list, but in this first outfit all I did was take those blue Chino’s and I pair them with a floral shirt tucked in I think this looks the best.

When you wear this type of shirt, you want to make sure that the pants match the shirt just a little bit. Having just a little bit of color in the pants is gonna make it look the best!

Number one suit supply jacket brown loafers and white dress shirt

Outfit number two blue chinos brown canvas sneakers blue long sleeve shirt

The third and final pair we have is the olive green Chino!

This is honestly the one that I like to dress up the most. But still, I like to wear this casually. Here in the first outfit, you can see how I pair this pair of pants with my double-breasted suit supply Blazer and a white dress shirt also on my feet I decided to do a pair of light brown double monk strap boots. 

Another way that I’d wear olive green chinos is casually, here I have a green Nike windbreaker that I picked up from a friend a few months ago the same green Chinos, and then on my feet, I did a white pair of Vans along with a simple white T-shirt. 

Remember it’s always okay to wear a certain color with a different shade of that same color as I did hear. Just make sure that the difference isn’t too big. 

For example, I wouldn’t recommend you wear a neon Nike windbreaker with olive green pants. it will look kind of crazy.

I love chinos because they are not too dressy like a pair of dress pants but they’re not as casual as a pair of jeans.

These pants offer a great middle-ground between the two and can reach between the two as well. don’t be afraid to dress these up or to dress these down for they are the most versatile pant that you can buy.

Thank you for watching today’s video If you enjoyed it and if you learn something please be sure to hit the like button also go ahead and subscribe and share and with that being said I’m Robert this is GentStyle and I’ll see you in the next video!


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